K-12 Achievement Data

Search any school or district in the nation and find a breakdown of demographics, standardized test scores, and similar schools/districts performing at their level.

Honor Roll Dashboard

Through the Honor Roll School program, schools are recognized, particularly higher poverty schools that are closing achievement gaps and those with a focus on STEM proficiency. The Honor Roll uses student achievement outcomes as the criteria and is a growing resource for all schools to learn about best practices that increase student achievement.

Labor Dashboard

IPE’s Labor Dashboard allows you to search and access important workforce data on jobs across the nation. Search by occupation and region to learn about employment profiles at a glance.

Success Factors Frameworks

This diagnostic tool will help you identify strengths and weaknesses by using a series of rubrics, audit questions, and will begin honest conversation with one another. Did you find a theme or two that clearly identifies where you need to start working for improvement? Now you should have a clear roadmap identifying where you should begin and how your time should be spent to reach your improvement goals.

Comparisons Tool

Compare schools and districts to learn about successful schools and best practices across the country. Armed with this, you can help debunk excuses about why students can’t learn, and focus conversations instead on how all students can succeed.

Young Men of Color Research

ERP has partnered with The Education Trust – West on this work, focusing on research to identify and share policies and practices that remove barriers and increase access to higher education for California’s young men of color. The research is critical in supporting increased college readiness, improved college placement and completion, and increased career-readiness.